Summer Bootcamp

The International Coding Hub presents a free, week-long coding bootcamp for those looking to get a start this summer on learning how to code.

The bootcamp will consist of five hour-long sessions that will provide an introduction into coding. Our bootcamp will include the option to choose between two high-level, general purpose programming languages. One class will learn C++ and the other class will learn Python.

All are encouraged to apply regardless of any prior experience with coding.

Each class will be taught by experienced instructors who are well-versed in their respective language.
The C++ class will be taught by Vaibhav Patil, a senior at Enloe High School.
The Python class will be taught by Krish Piryani, a senior at Raleigh Charter High School.

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All of our classes are not for profit. Our classes are free, and our instructors are unpaid. However we are always grateful for any contribution to support our classes and organization.