Christmas 2020

International Coding Hub Christmas 2020 is an individual competition hosted online by ICH.


  • There are 4 problems, all of them high quality and educational.
  • The problems are arranged in ascending order of difficulty: roughly (USACO Bronze-Gold) or (CodeForces 900-1700).
  • The competition will last 72 hours

Rules and Scoring

  • There are 15 test-cases for each problem, and each problem is worth 15 points (1 pt per test-case). Partial credit is possible.
  • Ties are to be broken by the sum of the times for the first correct submission for each problem (starting from when each problem statement was first seen/opened).
  • There is no penalty for incorrect submissions

Problems, Solutions, and Results

  • A total of 136 people signed up
  • 56 participants, hailing from 14 different countries, submitted at least one solution
  • In total, there were 381 graded submissions
  • Problems [PDF] [Online Judge]