Our team is comprised of the President, the Teaching Team, Content Creation, and Marketing. The teaching team consists of the instructors who teach our live classes. The content creation team helps with creating, reviewing, and testing problems of the week, problems for competitions, and writing editorials. They also create YouTube lectures and handouts. The marketing team manages our social media and is in charge of creating graphics.

Our Team

Arpan Banerjee
Arpan Banerjee is the president and co-founder of ICH. He is a senior at Enloe High School, NC. Arpan is a USACO Platinum competitor and author of Dynamic Programming for Computing Contests. He enjoys competitive programming, math, playing table tennis, and composing music. Arpan helps with content creation, management, and some of Board's responsibilities below.

Vaibhav Patil
Board Member/Teacher
Vaibhav Patil is a co-founder and board member of ICH. He is currently attending Enloe High School, NC. Vaibhav enjoys programming and robotics. In his leisure, he enjoys reading and playing guitar.

Krish Piryani
Board Member/Teacher
Krish Piryani is a co-founder and board member of ICH. He is currently attending Raleigh Charter High School, NC. Krish enjoys programming, mathematics, and robotics. In his leisure, he enjoys playing soccer and listening to music.

Elijah Huang
Board Member/Content Creation
Elijah Huang is a senior at Basis Independent Silicon Valley in California. He started programming a year ago and is currently a USACO Platinum Competitor who has scored 700+ on the US Open and a Master on Codeforces. Apart from programming, Elijah enjoys binging a ludicrous amount of anime and going all out while rock climbing. He is thrilled to combine his passion and algorithmic knowledge to show others the beauty of programming.

Justin Wu
Board Member/Content Creation
Justin Wu is a junior at Westview High School in San Diego, California. He is currently a Platinum competitor in the United States of America Computing Olympiad, as well as a master on Codeforces. In his spare time, Justin enjoys playing cello and hanging out with friends.

Eric Yang
Board Member/Content Creation
Eric Yang is a content creator for ICH.

Rishi Chellani
Board Member/Social Media
Rishi Chellani is the Marketing Coordinator of ICH. He is currently attending Panther Creek High School, NC. At school, he participates and leads in many different clubs, including Model UN, Speech and Debate, and DECA. In his free time, he enjoys track and field, swimming, listening to music, investing, and entrepreneurship.